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Brazilian Photographer

Angelo Sartori

Angelo SARTORI, Photography without touch-ups.

(Brazilian Photographer)

Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

Brazilian born in Rio de Janeiro, naturalized Italian, currently living in the city of Brugges in Belgium, very early SARTORI, as and called by his friends, showed innate talent for the Arts, especially the taste for Drawing. As an adult, he studied Arts at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, but ended up working in the Financial area, where he worked for many years in his life.

Until the day he had his first experience as a photographer, still amateur, a moment he never forgot, and he felt that the Art had never abandoned him.

For this carioca, good-humored, with a restless spirit, the possibility of using the machine to make a single moment-who knows eternal-a sudden moment in the life of any person, a movement of a bird, the wind on a flowery field, seemed to him a dream come true.

Now, in the instant of a click, he would finally overcome the cold immobility of the Drawing, in which he had always felt, in some way, the absence of the soul.

Encouraged by friends who delight in their unique way of photographing, recording expressions, giving life to an image, Sartori began to dedicate himself professionally to photography for years.

What you will see on this site, in other words, what you will feel navigating on this site is not something that can be explained with words, with scribbles on a sheet of paper or with paint on a screen. They are ready-made images, with life and destiny of its own. "No Retouching," as Sartori says.

Enjoy the moment. He is unique, feel this emotion!

This site is dedicated to dear friends who have encouraged me so much to work with Photography and to create this Art space.